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RPM Advertise - Best Advertising Agency

We are a team of creative friends who started back in 2012 with the aim of becoming the best advertising agency in India and since then, we have taken all our associated brands to the heights and reach they want!

We brainstorm ideas to combine our creativity with your products and tell your brand or product story to your consumers such that it resonates with them! 


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Traditional Expertise

Broadcast Media

Directly sell to potential customers who need your product or services by ringing them up!

BillBoard Media

Get seen by people as they are driving by. So that they remember you everytime they pass by!

Print Media

Use the written mediums and get to your target audience! From pamphlets to newspaper, there's a lot of medium for you!

Transit Media

Make custom pamphlets for your brand. It could be for any special event you are holding to any offer you have!

Community Engagement

You can get communities involved in your research to make your product better quality!

Speak at Events

We handle all aspects of event management. For small parties to ceremonies to formal dinners, we cover it all.


Our Digital Expertise

Web Designing

To make your brand more accessible to people, it's better to have an easy to navigate website which is search engine optimized.

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Curate and improve the quality of your website traffic by optimizing your online content.

Social Media Marketing & Social Media Optimization

Make your brand more active in the community. We will make relevant designs for your business and post them as such that they are better received by your audience.

Graphic Designing

From making logo for your business to making social media posts, our designers are experts at communicating through their designs.

Public Relation

Make the most of all social media platforms by reaching all your relevant audience! Our social media team can help you achieve that.

Content, Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

Create and share online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that stimulates interest in your products or services.

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Raj Solanki

(Founder & Director)​

Raj sir

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Dipesh Gome

(Co-founder & Operational Directors)​

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Bhakti Ramawat


Jasleen Chabbra


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Prerna Kalyani

(Content Writer)

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Bhoomi Yadav

(Digital Marketer)

Ajinkya Shroff

(Video Editor)

Farhan Ansari

(Graphic Designer)


Sufiyan Ansari

(Graphic Designer)

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Harsh Singh

(Sales Head)

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